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पी॰ अन्ना के जन्मशती

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Perarignar Anna was born in Tamil Nadu on the 15th September 1909. It was Anna who roused the slumbering Tamils to realize their past history and glory and it was Anna who named the Madras State Tamil Nadu and helped Tamil Nadu to be known to the world by her own historical name high-lighting the glory and grandeur of Tamil and Tamil Land.

The term ‘Anna’ in Tamil means elder brother. The very name Anna inspired millions of people. He was also known by another term ‘Perarignar’ meaning great genious. He was an erudite scholar, an astute politician, a wise statesman, powerful Orator, revolutionary writer, fine novelist, noted playwright, great social reformer, an ardent rationalist, a staunch socialist, a great diplomat, a true democrat, an eminent leader and, above all, an affectionate elder brother (Anna) to the Tamils in and outside Tamil Nadu.

As a writer, Anna has been compared with Bernard Shaw, Ibsen and Galsworthy. The pen is mightier than the sword. Anna’s tongue was mightier than the pen. As an orator, Anna was verily a combination of Demosthenes, Ingersoll, Winston Churchill, Edmund Burke and Macaulay. All his speeches are there in volumes. Euphonic alliterations and rhymes, apt and arresting similes and revolutionary thought are the special features of his speeches and writings.