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150th Birth Anniversary Of Shrimad Rajchandra (1867-1901) - Re-Booking

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Shrimad Rajchandraji is highly respected for His great spiritual state, extraordinary personality, remarkable exposition of Bhagwan Mahavira’s teachings and literary genius.

Shrimadji was born on the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima on 9th November, 1867 at Vavania, a port in Gujarat. At the young age of 7, on witnessing the burning pyre of an acquaintance, he underwent unprecedented mental churning thus attaining jatismaranjnan (a recollection of several past lives). He was endowed with many extraordinary powers like shatavdhan (performing hundred things simultaneously). Rather than publicly exhibiting them, he chose to ignore them, focusing solely on self-realisation.

He spent months of seclusion in jungles, mountains, absorbed in the ecstasy of the self. The prime jewel amongst his many works is Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra – a masterpiece in philosophical literature.

On Chaitra Vad Pancham, 9th April, 1901 in Rajkot this Enlightened Soul left his mortal body in a state of complete awareness. In the short span of 33 years, he not only soared high in the spiritual skies but was also instrumental in directing many others to the path of enlightenment. Mahatma Gandhi was greatly influenced by Shrimadji’s teachings and considered him as his spiritual guide.

Shrimadji’s preachings have been compiled and published in an invaluable volume entitled ‘Shrimad Rajchandra’ which, even today, continues to quench thrust of true seekers.

Mahatma Gandhi writes about Shrimadji, ‘The more I consider His life and His writings the more I consider Him to have been the best Indian of His times’. Letter to HSL Polak: April 26, 1909.

Denomination of the coin Shape and outside diameter Number of Serrations Metal Composition
One Hundred Fifty Rupees Circular Outside 44 millimeter 200 Quaternary Alloy
Silver : 50%
Copper: 40%
Nickel: 5%
Zinc: 5%
Standard weight: 35 gm