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A renowned leader on Indian Mutiny or the first war of Independence 1857, Ramchandra Panduranga, better known as Tatya Tope was born in 1814 at village Yewle in the present day Nashik district of Maharashtra. He was intelligent and a quiet man with a balanced disposition. His father Panduranga Tryambak Bhat was an important noble at the Court of Peshwa Baji Rao II. Tatya Tope was a close friend of Nana Saheb the Peshwa’s adopted son. In 1851 when Lord Dalhousie deprived Nana Saheb of his father’s pension, Tatya Tope also became a sworn enemy of the British. In May 1857 he won over the Indian troops of the East India Company at Kanpur and commanded the revolutionary forces.

After reoccupation of Kanpur by the British troops, Tatya Tope joined hand with Rani Lakshmi Bai and led a revolt in Bundelkhand. He was routed at Betwa and Kalpi, but reached Gwalior and declared Nana Saheb as Peshwa with the support of the Gwalior Contingent. Before he could consolidate his position he was defeated in a battle in which Rani Lakshmi Bai suffered Martyrdom.

After losing Gwalior to the British, he carried on a guerilla campaign against the British for over a year. Tatya Tope was one of the greatest military leaders and a legendary figure in the tempestuous happenings of the revolt of 1857. The overall struggle could make its impact only due to his generalship. He strode like a colossus all over-from Kanpur to Rajputana and Central India and unfortunately, betrayed by a friend, he was captured by the British and executed on 18 April 1859.

Though, Tatya Tope had no formal military training, he is remembered as probably the best and most effective rebels generals.

Denomination of the coin Shape and outside diameter Number of Serrations Metal Composition
Two Hundred Rupees Circular Outside 44 millimeter 200 Quaternary Alloy
Silver : 50%
Copper: 40%
Nickel: 5%
Zinc: 5% <.br>Standard weight: 35 gm