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Rs.5/- UNC Birth Centenary Of Rani Gaidinliu

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Rani Gaidinliu (1915-1993) was a spiritual & political leader of the Heraka cult of present day Manipur. She was a fearless freedom fighter who led a political revolt against British rule particularly in Manipur and surrounding area of Nagaland. She was arrested in 1932 by the British and sentenced to life imprisonment. Released in 1947 after India’s independence; she continued to work for upliftment of her people including integration of the Zeliangrong Tribe under one administrative unit. She was bestowed with the title of ‘Rani’ by Prime Minister Nehru and honoured with the Padma Bhusan by Govt. of India in 1982.

Denomination of the coin Shape and outside diameter Number of Serrations Metal Composition
Five Rupees Circular Outside 23 millimeter 100 Nickel Brass
Copper: 75%
Zinc: 20%
Nickel: 5%
Standard weight: 35 gm