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Bijayananda Patnaik, popularly known as Biju Patnaik was born on 5th March, 1916 at Cuttack, Odisha as one of the third sons of Lakshmi Narayan Patnaik. Biju Patnaik was a legend in the Indian Politics. He played a significant role in the struggle for freedom. In 1943, Biju was sent to prison for about two years for participating in the Quit India movement. He served the country for more than six decades. People lovingly called him the “Hero of Kalinga” and the Kharavela of Kalinga. His mission was the emancipation from poverty and negligence. Biju Patnaik was the architect of Paradip Port. It was at his initiative that the port was inaugurated by Pandit Nehru. He also founded the Kalinga Prize for promoting scientific knowledge in science.

During his eventful political career, he served the nation as a Union Minister for about three years. He was the Chief Minister of Odisha for about seven years and a half, in two terms.

He had a multifaceted personality a freedom fighter, a pilot, an Industrialist, a Politician, Chief Minister of a state and Union Minister, all combined into one. His life is an extraordinary saga of adventure and sacrifice, valour and dedication. Biju Patnaik closed his eyes on 17th April, 1997 and is remembered as a crusader against poverty.

Denomination of the coin Shape and outside diameter Number of Serrations Metal Composition
Five Rupees Circular Outside 23 millimeter 100 Nickel Brass
Copper: 75%
Zinc: 20%
Nickel: 5%
Standard weight: 35 gm